Hacker Trivia Night

Hack the planet. Frag the man. Free the world.

A gamified computer education event awarding cash donations to community beneficiaries in need.

About the Competition

Hacker Trivia Night is an engaging, educational, and fun online event benefiting local charities, small businesses, and neighborhood community groups in the form of a beginner-friendly hacking and cybersecurity game that anyone can play.

Form a team with your friends, declare your beneficiary, and log on when the next game starts to win cash prizes from a pool of donations that goes to support those in need.

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Gameplay rules are pretty simple. In brief, they are:

  • Unlike in-person bar trivia, looking up answers by searching on the Internet during the game is allowed. If you don’t know the answer immediately, search for it!
  • No attacking the game infrastructure. If bugs or vulnerabilities are found, please alert the game organizers immediately.
  • Absolutely no sabotaging of other teams, or in any way hindering their independent progress.
  • Violations of the social rules by any player will result in that player’s team forfeiting the game.

That last line item bears repeating: before you sign up to play, you need to know that we strictly enforce several lightweight social rules. For the purposes of Hacker Trivia Night, we apply the social rules to any and all social channels either directly moderated or indirectly observable by the game organizer, including chat rooms, social media postings, e-mail correspondence, or any other written, verbal, or non-verbal communication channels, electronic or otherwise.

This means racism, queerphobia, transphobia, sexism, capitalist advocacy, “brogrammer,” “manarchist,” or any kind of similarly awful behavior will not be tolerated and you and your team will be immediately ejected from the game, forfeiting your score and potential winnings. The game organizer is the sole judge of what behavior warrants expulsion and there is no appeal process. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to disqualify any player or team for violations of the social rules or the game rules.

If you play fair and act with kindness, bearing in mind that this entire effort is supposed to be fun for everyone, you will have nothing to worry about. :)


To be selected as a Hacker Trivia Night beneficiary, organizations and groups must first complete the Hacker Trivia Night Beneficiary Application form. The application is quick, easy, and absolutely free.

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